Using a Broker to Plan Yacht Charter Vacations

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Planning Your Yacht Charter with a Yacht Broker

Yacht charter vacations are within your reach. If you’re thinking about vacationing on a yacht, odds are that you’ve seen how impressive they can be. Yachts are slender, sleek, modern, luxurious and comfortable. They can be fast and more tech-forward than some of the nicest homes in the country.

Before you begin planning a vacation, before you even start looking at the costs and destinations, there is one thing you should understand about yacht charters: you will receive uncompromising service that rivals the classiest hotels in the world. A yacht vacation is luxurious and that’s what you’ll get – a relaxing, pain-free holiday.

Using a broker will make your planning process less stressful. A broker is, essentially, a middle-man – even though that term is not very popular among yacht brokers. However, if you’re going to splurge on your yacht vacation, you should ensure that the loose ends are tied up and you won’t hit any major roadblocks once you start sailing.

Preventing disasters is the job of a yacht broker. He or she will:

  • Check out the captain and crew to ensure they are experienced professionals.
  • Negotiate to get you the best deal or provide insight into the kind of deal you are considering.
  • Finalize and submit paperwork on your behalf (think contracts, provision paperwork, etc.).
  • Ensure logistics are completed (crew-to-guest ratios).

By hiring a broker, you are putting the odds in your favor. Of course things can still go wrong, but the risk is lower, meaning you have a higher probability of enjoying your vacation without any major hold-ups.

How Much Does a Yacht Broker Cost?

Nothing. A yacht broker is typically paid a commission by the charter company, as their services mean smooth sailing for everyone. The profession and set-up is similar to that of a real estate agent and company. Often using a yacht broker can save you money as they can help negotiate a better deal for your vacation.

Reasons to Say “Yes” to a Yacht Broker

If getting expert advice for free isn’t reason enough to seek out a broker, check out these reasons below (you’ll soon be convinced):

  • A broker will provide unbiased opinions from booking and launch date until the return of your trip.
  • Brokers have knowledge of the workings of a yacht.
  • Brokers have likely visited your dream destination and “can show you around.”
  • Brokers act as the liaison between the charter company and any other third party involvement.
  • A broker will have expertise in necessary legal matters in order to draft paperwork and secure funds legally.
  • A broker acts as your spokesperson if something goes wrong (so you can avoid confronting the crew and trying to determine what they are saying).
  • A broker will have more industry knowledge than you.

If you are a novice yachter, Neptune Group Yachting recommends a broker. If you are on the fence, we suggest seeking out a few candidates and talking to them about their services. After a quick phone call, you may be able to better gauge if you will really need their guidance.

We’re happy to chat with you – contact Neptune Group Yachting for more information:  954-524-7978.

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