Top Caribbean Yacht Destinations

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Caribbean Yacht Vacations

The Caribbean is made of 41 countries and territories in an area that spans from southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, east of Central America and north of South America. Surrounded by water and overflowing with sunshine, the Caribbean has a reputation of endless sunny beaches, breathtaking sunsets, clear ocean waters and fresh cuisine — not to mention brag-worthy weather year-round. It is for all these reasons (and more) that the Caribbean continues to be a top yachting destination.

  • British Virgin Islands – The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are considered the best sailing destination in the Caribbean, although some would argue in the world. Located 1,200 miles southeast of Miami and 70 miles east of Puerto Rico, the BVI offer boaters “an endless summer.” Learn more about Virgin Island charters with Neptune Group Yachting.
  • St. Lucia – Offering everything you would expect from a Caribbean vacation, St. Lucia has additional unique draws for visitors, which include banana plantations, rain forests and a dormant volcano. The population of this island is about 160,000 people, but we promise you won’t notice. The abundance of greenery makes it easier to believe it is a deserted island rather than a world-famous vacation destination. Find out more about St. Lucia charters from Neptune Group Yachting.
  • St. Martin – St. Martin offers the best of island culture and European flare. As a yachting destination, it rivals the BVIs. The culture here is strong and intriguing as the island is divided into French and Dutch sides. Explore the colonial history of this charming island while taking in the excellent cuisine and restaurant selection. Get additional information about St. Martin charters from Neptune Group Yachting.
  • Grenada – Grenada is home of the Grand Etang National Park and Tobago Cays – both offer landscapes and experiences you won’t soon forget. Of all the Caribbean destinations, this one is less crowded. The coast is filled with colorful houses that will make you feel like you went back in time. During your adventure, make sure to spend time diving and snorkeling – you won’t soon forget it. Obtain more details about Grenada charters with Neptune Group Yachting.
  • Bahamas – In one word, the Bahamas is: paradise. Arguably the fishing capital of the world, the shoreline is dotted with colorful homes and welcoming resorts. By boat, you can visit some of the lesser-known islands to get a feel for real Bahamian culture. This Caribbean paradise is just east of Florida and north of Cuba. Learn more about a Bahamas yacht charter with Neptune Group Yachting.

Helping You Plan Caribbean Yacht Vacations

Whether you long to spend time on the beaches of the Caribbean, taste the culture of Greece or adventure in Thailand, Neptune Group Yachting can help plan your next, or first, yachting adventure. We are stationed in Fort Lauderdale – the boating capital of the world – and have more than 30 years of experience bringing the most exotic luxury vacation dreams within reach. Contact us today to start planning your Caribbean yacht vacation.

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