Size Still Matters

August 5, 2013 Published by

Yachting enthusiasts are often “wowed” by those in hot pursuit of opulence. The long-coined term “conspicuous consumption” can be attributed to many of the world’s growing number of billionaires.

Lürssen Yachts recently announced the launch of the awe-inspiring, 180-meter (590ft) AZZAM.  This magnificent superyacht eclipses even ECLIPSE, which at 162.5 meters used to be the world’s largest motoryacht, followed by DUBAI (a whopping 50 centimeters shorter).

By a huge margin, most of us are not in the category of being able to possess AZZAM … even for a weeklong charter. But it’s a badly kept secret in the yachting world that chartering a yacht can be far more economical and hassle-free than owning the vessel. Chartering also stretches your yachting dollars, allowing you to enjoy being the “owner” for a week or two of a far larger boat than you might ever consider purchasing.

Be sure to ask your charter agent for a range in size when considering yachts for your next charter holiday. You might just be in for a big surprise.

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