The Latest Trends in Boating Gear

February 22, 2017 Published by

It is true that the boating and yachting industry continues to grow. Since luxury yacht charters are a way for individuals and families to both have a fun and relax with the people they love, the demand for yachting vacations has seen a steady rise. What comes with a boom in the boating industry? Gadgets and gear that make vacationing on a boat all that much better (as if that were possible).

Whether you’re planning your first yacht charter or your tenth, these boating gear trends are worth checking out:

  • Who doesn’t want to lounge in their private pool in the middle of the ocean? The ocean has plenty of water, but with it comes floating debris like seaweed, and pests like jellyfish. Magic Swim seeks to make swimming in the ocean a pest and debris-free experience. The inflatable pool attaches to the back of your boat and opens up like an underwater tent. It fills with seawater and then floats, allowing you to control what’s inside without worrying what might be swimming below your feet.
  • These snorkeling masks allow you to breath as if you were still on land. The snorkeling mask has two components and utilizes advanced technology to filter the air and allow you to breath from either your nose or your mouth.
  • Ever wanted to pretend you were a mermaid? Mer’fins make that 100 percent possible. These fins, designed to look like mermaid tails, attach to both feet, allowing you to propel through the water like a mermaid or merman.
  • Adventuring is made easy with these foldable kayaks. Yes, these kayaks condense into the size of a backpack for easy transport. You could easily assemble and launch the kayak from your boat deck for exploration beyond the parameters of your yacht.
  • Ever struggled to find a comfortable place for your child when on a boat? The Searock Marine-Grade Baby Seat solves that problem. The seat attaches to the bimini of the boat (or any similar structure). The natural rocking of the boat moves the baby seat back and forth creating a comfortable and safe place for your child to rest at sea.
  • The one thing you will always find at sea is sunshine. Yet, sometimes you just want to get away from it. SureSHADE creates retractable, telescoping boat shade systems for a permanent solution to over exposure to the sun. The shades claim to also lower the overall temperature on the boat, leading to a more relaxed boating experience.
  • The ability to locate your cup holder is, of course, crucial. However, on a boat in the ocean at night it becomes very difficult to know where the cup holder is located. Never spill a drop with illuminated LED cup holder rings. They create a soft glow around the cup holder.

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