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The phone you carry around in your pocket is essentially a computer. Capable of simplifying our everyday lives with tasks like calculating and calendaring, your cell phone can also make you a better boater.

Novice and professionals boaters alike have benefited from these helpful boating apps. Whether you’ve been working on luxury yacht charters for years, or are a first time vacationer, you stand to better understand the ocean and yacht mechanics by downloading these apps:

myLite Led Flashlight

Yes, your phone likely has a flashlight built into it, but not one like myLite. Featuring multiple settings and even a preprogrammed SOS signal, when the main flashlight in the cabin goes dead, or you find yourself out-of-reach of light, myLite Led Flashlight has you covered. Download the iOS version.


If one thing is certain about yacht charter vacations it’s that something will always go wrong. When your entire vacation hinges on the weather and the mechanical soundness of a yacht it is recommended to have a backup plan. BoatUS can be that backup plan. When you’re far from home, BoatUS can connect you with a tow in the case of mechanical failure or any other issue. The apps can pinpoint your exact location (so you don’t have too) and can call for help. As a back-up plan, you can’t beat BoatUS. Download the iOS or Android version.

Navionics Boating

Navionics is one of the most popular boating GPS applications for your mobile phone. When on a boat, understanding where you are is the single most important factor. Navionics is a popular choice because of its auto-routing software (note this is an additional charge). Download the iOS or Android version.


WhatsApp Messenger allows you to text from phone to phone free of charge regardless of whether or not you are within your cell service boundaries. The app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times and is used in more than 180 countries. Download the iPhone, Windows or Android version.


Every boater needs a solid weather app and don’t be fooled by the name of this one. Even if you aren’t into fishing, FishWeather is helpful because of its focus on wind direction. Wind can be your biggest enemy when boating. After a quick download, you’ll know the hour-by-hour forecast for your geographic location with a breakdown of wind speed, wind direction and wave size. Download it at the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

Friend Mapper

Your bound to make friends on your yacht charter but trying to find another boat at sea is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. The technology from Friend Mapper let’s you share your location to other phones so connecting in the middle of the gigantic ocean becomes a breeze. Download the iOS version.

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