Going on a Chartered Yacht Vacation? Know What to Expect Once You Set Sail

November 30, 2015 Published by

What You Need to Know About Chartered Yacht Vacations

You planned your dream vacation. You’re a few months out from sailing the seas on a chartered yacht. You’ve got an idea about what to pack and you’re excited about the opportunities of land and sea exploration. Now you just need to know what happens next.

1. Ordering Provisions

You’re on vacation, so grocery shopping is likely not high on your to-do list. Planning meals and dealing with everyone’s dietary preferences and allergies doesn’t sound very vacation-like either. Yet, you still need to eat.

Most charters allow you to order your provisions in advance by completing an online form. You can choose your beverages, groceries and usually have the option to choose pre-determined packages, like a “starter” or “complete” package. Keep in mind that you might not always be cooking from the boat. One of the highlights of yachting is trying the local cuisine. Before you order, consider how many nights you will spend at sea and make a rough meal count.

2. Altered Amenities

Life in the islands is laid back. So laid back that it’s possible you won’t be able to use a blow dyer, hair straightener or curler onboard (varies by company and type of boat). Don’t panic; once you’ve acclimated to “island time,” the status of your hair will be a lot less important.

One amenity you don’t have to go without is WiFi, which is installed on most boats. However, you can expect to pay a fee to use the service. Fees typically range from $25 to $30 a day or $125 to $150 for the week. Don’t forget, you’re on vacation. Do you really need WiFi?

3. Sharing Time with the Crew

The most popular chartered yacht vacations have a crew of two, but regardless of how many helpers you have on deck, keep in mind that you are visiting their home. While you enjoy quiet moments to yourself, so do they. Your captain and mate will likely be the first ones awake in the morning and they will be in the background throughout all of your daily activities.

While they are there to help and serve you, smiles and pleasant small talk can go a long way. Be prepared to be friendly with the crew and, of course, tip for their services at the end of your trip. If you are comfortable with their quality of service a 15 to 20 percent tip is expected. Avoid the awkwardness by leaving a note with the cash in your cabin.

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