Is Fort Lauderdale the Boating Capital of the World?

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Fort Lauderdale – Putting Florida on the Map

Fort Lauderdale is located in South Florida and best known for its beaches, miles of boating canals and logging more than 3,000 hours of sunny weather a year. The city, which is just a short drive from other popular boating towns like Palm Beach, the Florida Keys and Miami, attracts boaters, tourists and fisherman from all over the world.

Florida is nicknamed, “the Sunshine State.” The sun is, indeed, the best of what Florida – especially Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas – has to offer visitors. The state welcomed 87.3 million tourists in 2011, which was a record at the time. Since then, it continues to be a top travel destination of the world, as tourism is one of the most profitable industries.

Located just outside Fort Lauderdale is Port Everglades, one of the busiest cruise terminals in the world, which brings in tourists by the boatloads year-round. The warm climate and prime location have helped the city earn a title of “boating capital of the world,” but is it?

What the Sources Say

One of the events that put Fort Lauderdale on the map is the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). In 2016, the show will celebrate its 56th anniversary. Every year, the event welcomes yacht builders, designers, brokers and captains from all over the world who gather to discuss Florida yacht charters and boating in general. According to the website, it is “the number one boat show on the planet,” which seems pretty fitting for a town that boasts the title of “boating capital of the world.”

The FLIBS references Fort Lauderdale as “The Yachting Capital of the World.” The Huffington Post does the same. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission claims the state is “the fishing capital of the world,” and Wikipedia refers to the city as the “Venice of America,” a nod to the countless canals and channels that welcome boaters. In addition, Discover Boating, a public awareness effort managed by the National Marine Manufactures Association, refers to Fort Lauderdale as, “the mega yacht capital of the world.”

Although arbitrary, the title seems to apply to Fort Lauderdale most often and for good reason. Home of one of the largest cruise ports and boat shows in the world, we’d say it’s pretty accurate to call Fort Lauderdale, “the boating capital of the world.”

In terms of fishing and boating, Fort Lauderdale’s biggest rival is the Bahamas, which is only 50 miles from South Florida. The official tourism website lists the 700+ island nation as one of the top boating and sailing destinations since the colonial times.

We Plan Florida Yacht Charters in the “Boating Capital of the World”

Neptune Group Yachting is proud to be headquartered in the boating capital of the world. Our geographic location makes us all the more equipped to plan and execute your Florida yacht charter. For more information about planning your luxurious dream vacation, contact Neptune Group Yachting.

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