The Most Expensive Yachts in the World

November 30, 2015 Published by

The Luxury Yacht Charters of Your Dreams

Yachts are, by nature, luxurious. Boasting amenities like advanced audio systems, swim platforms, water toys, Jacuzzi’s and spa services, it’s no wonder a trip on the seas is a popular bucket list item. Boats vary in size, speed and design, but some stand out from among all the rest. The luxury yacht charters below are some of the most expensive on the seas and promise a vacation you won’t ever forget.

#5 – Al Said, $300 Million

During construction in 2007, Al Said was the second largest yacht in the world. The ship can accommodate 224 people. It is said that no photographs exist of the inside of the yacht, so while we don’t know exactly what guests can expect, you can be sure it’s $300 million dollars worth of awesome.

#4 – Superyacht A, $323 Million

Its unique design created a lot of discussion when Superyacht A hit the seas. From the outside, it looks like a war ship with its slender, long shape, but the inside is fit for royalty. Superyacht A features three pools, two boats for back and forth travel to the mainland, hidden rooms and ornate furniture.

#3 – Dubai, $350 Million

Dubai launched in 2006 and was once-upon-a-time the largest yacht in the world. Its main feature includes a glass staircase grand entrance that changes colors, accommodations for up to 115 people, a lounge, several sun bathing decks, a pool and more than one Jacuzzi.

#2 – Eclipse, $450 Million to $1.2 Billion

Roman Abramovich, the 50th richest person in the world, owns Eclipse. While the exact price of this yacht is undetermined, most estimate it to be worth about $1 billion dollars. A yacht of this size gets you three launch boats, two swimming pools, a submarine and two helicopter pads. Abramovich is apparently a private man. He splurged on defense technology, which includes bullet proof glass and an intruder detecting system that has an anti-paparazzi laser shield that scans and blocks nearby camera lenses.

#1 – Streets of Monaco, $1 Billion

It’s a floating replica of the streets of Monaco – an expensive floating replica. To the eye, this yacht looks more like a cruise ship. The deck was built to resemble the sights of Monte Carlo, which feature a racetrack, swimming pools (notice that is plural), tennis courts (also plural), seven guest suites, a mini waterfall and a unique café bar that features underwater views.

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