The Most Exotic Yachting Destinations

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Odds are that you’ve heard of luxury yacht charters to the Bahamas, Greece, Italy, and other Caribbean locations, but the world is a big place and there are yachting destinations to satisfy the adventurous boater who is longing for a boating vacation package that is anything but cookie cutter.

Island Hopping in Bora Bora

Bora Bora has a special place on every travellers bucket list. The island of Bora Bora in the French Polynesia is surrounded by waters of the bluest blue, protected coral reefs, and sunshine, the small island is most widely recognized for its guest bungalows perched over the water on stilts.

The local islanders are what make Bora Bora such an ideal yachting destination. You’ll experience friendly faces, fine dining and some of the best views from your stateroom that you can image. This place is truly paradise.

Sailing Around the Southernmost Point in South America in Chile

Chile! It’s cold there, right? Yes! Not all yachters – especially the adventurous ones looking for a unique experience – are in search of warm weather and an excuse to live in their bathing suit.

For most of the year, parts of Chile are below freezing, making a yachting adventure in this remote part of the world something to brag about. Tierra del Fuego is the southernmost point of the country featuring icebergs, glaciers, exotic wildlife and a backdrop of snowcapped mountains. A boating experience in Tierra del Fuego is anything by ordinary.

Dining with the Indigenous in Panama

Okay, so technically Panama can be considered part of the Caribbean, but it has earned a place on this list. A short boat ride from the coast, The San Blas Islands offer yachters the experience of going back in time.  The area refers to more than 300 tiny islands that are inhabited by locales, called the Kuna Yala’s.

The Kuna Yala’s are living a life pre-21st century. They have no internet or cable and use fire to cook their food. Tourism and yachters like you help to keep their lifestyle the way they want it – simple.  A visit to this area of the Caribbean will leave you feeling grateful, refreshed and curious.

Searching the Protected Lands of Tasmania

Tasmania is an island off the coast of Australia, separated by a block of ocean called the Bass Strait. The land that makes up the island is protected, which means there is an abundance of unique wildlife to be seen. However, the wildlife isn’t the only reason this destination makes it on our exotic list. Tasmania, Australia is truly off the beaten path. It is not considered a popular destination, which means you can enjoy the sights of the protected island instead of hundreds of other boats.

Neptune Group Yachting Can Help You Get There

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