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Croatia Yacht Charters

Croatia has a rustic charm that intrigues boaters and tourists. One can expect to find impressive scenery, lots of history and calm seas. The coastline borders the Adriatic Sea and consists of 718 islands, 389 cliffs and 78 rocks. The coastline is dotted with interesting beaches, coves, bays, ports and marinas that offer something for everyone. It is one of the most easily identifiable coasts in Europe.

The Adriatic Sea offers 1,185 islands, but most of them are unpopulated, which makes for beautiful sights as you island hop and take in the uninhabited view. Exploring the country by boat offers a perspective that can’t be seen any other way. From your yacht, all 5,835 km of Croatian coastline is at your fingertips.

Nautical tourism in Croatia is comprised of two major tourism activities: cruising and yachting.  The boating season in Croatia is more than six months a year thanks to the dry and warm summers and moderate winters. Visitors can schedule sailing tours, island hopping tours, day trips, races and a slew of maritime activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming.

Nautical Tourism in Croatia – By the Numbers

There are 106 ports on the Croatian coast (including 67 marinas). In 2013 these nautical ports accommodated 182.9 thousands vessels in transit. A 2012 survey reports that about half of the vessels surveyed in the study were hired in Croatia, three percent were hired abroad and the rest were on their own yacht or vessel owned by friends and relatives.

In a survey that polled customers about their favorite yacht charter destination, 25 percent said Croatia, losing only to Greece (31 percent). The same survey named Croatia the top charter destination by number of bookings. If you participate in one of those charters, the average cost of yachting is 1990 EUR a week, with an average daily expense of 100 EUR. Of course, prices differ depending on the time of the year and your desired level of comfort.

Popular Croatian Yachting Destinations

The more you explore, the more you will learn that Croatia keeps on giving. Check out the attractive sailing and yachting destinations in Croatia below.

  • Skradin – Check out the waterfalls on a day-trip into one of the oldest Croatian localities.
  • Trogir – Best for history and art-lovers.
  • Hvar – There are 2,715 sunny hours in a year!
  • Island of Vis – Crystal clear waters and pebble beaches.
  • Korcula – Birthplace of the famous explorer, Marco Polo!
  • Mljet – Mentioned in stories about Odysseus, St. Paul and Benedictines.

Neptune Group Yachting suggests a one-way charter for your visit to Croatia so you can take full advantage of your timeline and see as much of the coast as possible without having to back-track.

Croatia Yacht Charters at Neptune Group Yachting

The team at Neptune Group Yachting can help you plan and execute your yacht vacation in Croatia and many other destinations. We have been a leader in yacht charters for more than 30 years. Contact us today and start planning your next ocean adventure: 954-524-7978.

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