Celebrate Your Marriage with a Yacht Trip

August 21, 2014 Published by

Summer is a popular season for weddings, and couples are always looking to impress their guests, incorporate both of their interests, and create a day to remember forever. One of the newest and most popular trends to make your big day one of a kind is to plan a destination wedding. But while these are fun and exotic, the cost—both for the guests and the couple—can quickly skyrocket to unreasonable prices, especially when you consider food, drink, accommodations, travel plans, etc. for you, your spouse, and all your friends and family.

One way to cut costs for your wedding guests and stress for you, but to still celebrate your marriage with an exotic locale is to book an international yacht for your honeymoon trip, enthusiasts at Neptune Group Yachting recommend. As you start your new life together, as a married couple, you deserve to have an extraordinary beginning. A yacht trip through the Caribbean or other international waters will give you and your spouse to unwind and relax, now that you are done with the hectic frenzy of planning and executing a wedding. On your yacht trip, you two can focus solely on each other, and begin to plan for the life you will now share.

This summer, you may have had to sacrifice some pool time or your annual beach vacation while you were getting ready for your wedding, but having your honeymoon on a yacht will allow you to take advantage of the beautiful weather, and spend some time swimming and sightseeing without the demands of your everyday responsibilities. You will come back feeling refreshed and energized as the new Mr. and Mrs., and may even start a tradition that will carry into your married life!

Anniversary yacht trips are popular in the summer too, sometimes because married couples want to recreate the joy and freedom of their honeymoon, or because they want to celebrate in a unique way that will allow them to spend time alone together, and rekindle their romance. An exotic anniversary trip on a yacht can add a little spice to an otherwise fairly regular summer of family beach trips and taking the kids to the pool.

While you are yachting, you and your spouse can enjoy quality quiet time, spent doing the things you both enjoy—eating, talking, laughing, exploring…all without the distractions and responsibilities that crop up at home, surrounding by friends and family. The memories you make on an international yacht trip together can remind you both why you fell in love, and how lucky you are to have each other.

At Neptune Group Yachting, our yachts are docked year-round in Florida and the Bahamas, and along the East Coast in the summer. We can help newlywed couples on their honeymoons or “old marrieds” looking for a romantic anniversary getaway plan and enjoy their dream vacation, and share the experience of a lifetime with the ones they love most. Contact the Neptune Group Yachting team today to discuss your options and book your trip!

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