Why You Should Add a Private Yacht Vacation to Your Bucket List

December 2, 2015 Published by

Private Yacht Vacations: A Must for Travelers

A yacht provides all the best things about a vacation. Luxury yacht holidays come with ocean views, sunshine, relaxation, comfort and travel. This unique get-a-way deserves a spot on everyone’s bucket list. While we think you shouldn’t need much convincing to take the plunge, we’ve outlined some positives that will convince even the biggest sea-vacation doubters that an ocean vacation is worth a second look.

  • The ocean is the mother of all natural wonders. The world is full of beautiful sights – tall mountains, long prairies, bright skylines and majestic waterfalls, but nothing comes close to the sheer size and wonder of the ocean.
  • Your mode of travel is also your home. Travel by air and vehicle is great and often a convenient and fast way to see the world, but both modes of transportation require you to find a place to spend the night and wash up. While you explore the world, a yacht serves as your mode of transportation and your home – no need for hotel rooms.
  • The world is open to you. The ocean touches all corners of the globe. You can visit almost any part of the world via sea travel. Imagine the possibilities.
  • You can afford it. There are a lot of misconceptions about yacht vacations. Depending on your desired destination, type of boat and duration of travel, yachting can accommodate most budgets.
  • Sunshine is the ultimate medicine. The abundance of fresh air, sunshine and salt water can cure just about anything that is troubling your mind. The ocean is the ultimate mental medication. You’ll notice a change after just a few days, as the healing powers of the sea are undeniable.
  • The pictures are unreal.  Imagine today’s photography technology combined with 360 degrees of breathtaking views. The pictures will last a lifetime (and, quite possibly, make everyone very jealous).
  • Approach the world from a new perspective. When you travel to a new place by plane you are welcomed by a dirty and overcrowded airport. When yachting, you’ll approach your destination via some of the most beautiful shorelines in the world. In fact, the view is so beautiful you might not want to go ashore.
  • It can be as lazy or busy as you want. The boating industry is full of professionals who can make your trip as comfortable as you’d like. You can hire a chief, maid, deck hand and wait staff, if you desire.
  • Yachting beckons romance. A romantic candlelit dinner on a luxurious boat under a sea of stars is the stuff romance novels are made of, but it is also the reality of yachting.
  • The stars. Almost every city in the world has light pollution. Streetlights, airports and highways light up the night and cloud your view of the stars above. However, the ocean has no lights and the view of the stars is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Planning Private Yacht Vacations – It’s What We Do

For more than 30 years Neptune Group Yachting has provided travelers with dream vacations. Contact our Fort Lauderdale-based business today and we can start planning your adventure on the seas: 954-524-7978.

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