Christmas in July

July 5, 2013 Published by

During the bleak months of winter, clients call Neptune Group Yachting with great enthusiasm to secure their summer yacht charter bookings. Looking out the window of an office and seeing gray skies and snow makes it very easy to prepare months in advance for a vacation in the sun. We listen to tales of clients going weeks without seeing the sun and temperatures never climbing above freezing.

santa hat with text.jpgCROPPEDEven in the coldest months of the year, the average daily high in Fort Lauderdale, the “Yachting Capital of the World”, is 75 degrees. We happily go about our lives during winter, oblivious to the rest of the country’s weather woes. Sometimes, it’s hard even to tell when the seasons are changing. Floridians recognize the start of summer when the humidity returns and we have to close our windows and crank up the AC. I love the year-round warmth and sunshine of South Florida, but the truth is, when the seasons change for my northerly clients, I envy them. I miss getting Spring Fever.

The rest of the country gets to revel in springtime, when the trees bud, birds return, flowers bloom. Everyone wants to be outside. It’s a rebirth after months of cold, snow, and freezing rain. It means summertime is right around the corner! The kids or grandkids are getting out of school, the days are longer, and people want to enjoy time outside with family and friends. It’s hard to remember those below-freezing days and winter storms. But, alas, they will return; they always do.

That is why we suggest not waiting for the snow to fall or the temperatures to drop again to book your winter holiday yacht vacation. Get started early, so once those winter blues come back, you already have the cure!

Beat the “heat”…. The best yachts book up early for Christmas and New Year’s. It’s the busiest time of year for many charter yachts. For some clients, finding the perfect holiday yacht and keeping it “theirs” can mean booking a year in advance, directly after they disembark from the previous charter!

Private yacht vacations are personalized because everyone has different tastes and requirements. No two yacht charters are alike. We never want our clients to have to sacrifice anything on their checklists, but the longer they wait to secure a holiday yacht charter, the smaller the pool of vessels from which they can choose becomes. Avoid disappointment and book now!

If you work with us well in advance, you won’t miss out. We are standing by to secure your holiday charter now! ~Compliments of Charter Agent, Ali Kaufmann,